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Sep 15, 2014

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Antique cherub with handmade crown
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Sep 15, 2014

Antique cherub with handmade crown

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#shabbychic #anitasperodesign
Sep 15, 2014

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Sep 15, 2014 / 31 notes

Large shabby chic Victorian antique birdcage gets a new life!

Measures: base is 25” by 20” almost. The height is 30” tall at the highest point.

This is an antique birdcage. The color was very yukky. I cleaned it up and sanded it. I painted it in layers over time. I used homemade mixtures to crack the paint. I then used three treatments to really go all out in the weathering and aging process. The colors are whites, pink and accents of gold.
This is a statement piece. The WOW piece for any room.
The spires and ornate detail let you know it’s old. The time that was put into these is incredible.
I imagine this on a table in front of a window or dining room. Add white lights at Christmas and set it next to your tree. Just a lovely piece for a nursery…

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Sep 14, 2014

Win a set of wings! ANY color you want!

WIN A SET OF WINGS. Any color you want.
Play this game to win.
First remember read all the rules. Put your answer HERE (on this Facebook >Anita.C.Spero). Please do not message me the answer or start a new post. You must friend me.
Rules of the game:
There are three rules.
1) You must be my friend on my Facebook (…..)
2) You must go to my Etsy shop and pick out your favorite item. It must be an item that is currently listed. Come back to THIS Facebook ( and IN THIS POST (game post) tell me what your favorite currently listed item is.
Some of you may need to sign up on Etsy. It’s very easy and free. Much like signing up for EBay. (Here is the link to sign up). Now I may ask you a question that only signed up people will know.
3)Tell others about the game. If they play the game, they are in. Tell them to mention your name. For every person you get to play your name goes into the hat.
Game starts Sept. 11th and will end Sept 22nd at 11pm. sharp.
Each wing is 40” by 11”
Good luck!
Anita Spero.

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Sep 12, 2014 / 21 notes

White deer head with Manzanita branches monochromatic table top mount French Nordic inspired home decor anita spero

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Sep 11, 2014

Win a set of wings. Panted any color you want!

Would you like a set of these wings? Painted any color you want? Even rusted and distressed?Completely free and no shipping?
Then play the game to win!

Here are the rules.
1) You must become a friend on this FB.> . If have already completed number one well thank you.
2) Go to my Etsy shop and look at all my pieces. Come back here to this post (this post only) and tell me what your favorite item is. This means you need to sign up for Etsy. It’s free and easy! (sign up for Etsy) is my shop)
Now I may ask you about something that only people that signed up on Etsy would know. It’s just like signing up for EBay.
3) Every person you tell and they play the game to needs to come back to this post and let me know they are my new FB friend, they have viewed my shop and their favorite item is… Remember to tell them to let me know who told them to play the game. Every time your name is mentioned it goes into the fish bowl. If you tell one person your name goes in two times. If you tell 10 people your name goes in 11. but they must sign up on my fb and view my shop.
Does everyone understand?
Game starts Sept. 11th and will end Sept 22nd at 11pm. sharp.
Sep 10, 2014

Anita Spero Design

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Sep 10, 2014

Anita Spero Design

More wings coming…Who know what color combos I will be adding…???

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Sep 8, 2014

Anita Spero Design home decor, art and Lagenlook clothing

Hello everyone,
 I hope you are all are having a great Monday. I have a few announcements.
I will be doing a magazine signing on Oct. 4th. here in Illinois. More info will be given out soon.
Also I am starting to add pieces that can be used as holiday decor. I am being very picky. They must also be pieces that can be up year round also…well most.
Right now I am working very hard with the idea of starting a YOUTUBE channel. It’s still just talk but I’m working on the idea. This will give me a chance to give back a little. I have so many wonderful customers.
 Come back to my shop often. Very soon I will be listing a lot of new ideas. Most will be one of a kind pieces (ooak).
Thank you everyone,
Have lovely day
Anita C. Spero.

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