My Eclectic styles, designs and more

Much of what you will find here are photos from my online shops. Items I make. Many pieces are salvaged and recycled. Nothing is better then making junk into something beautiful. Now instead of a landfill the decor/art pieces make it to homes where people can cherish them. There is no compliment more perfect. and See for yourself. I am proud of what I do. I specialize in Shabby chic, all types of cottage, French inspired pieces. Including French-Santos and Nordic. Then there are all the styles in between that I work with, to many to name. Please enjoy my space.

Wood carved cherub statue sculpture vintage distressed French Santos style large angel with crown made in Italy anita spero

This is a vintage/ antique piece? Not sure of the age.
What a beauty. I did make a very simple crown, as to not take away from the piece.
It is made of solid wood. The cherub is very distressed and has superficial cracks- but the piece is very strong and well made. The cracks and aging are the charm or this authentic item. There is some wear away with the hands (fingers). The toes are in such good shape you can still see the carved toe nails.
The cherub is made up of two pieces. The wings are separate. These carving are very hard to do. To look the amazing detail to the hair, wings and face. The face on this piece is beautiful. This could be a boy or girl…it just depends on how you view it. So I am not sure if you would want to call this a “Putti”(Putto).
I have several of these and have sold many. This one has some of the best patina I’ve seen. The face is VERY well done. This ones is so well done it becomes hard to say if it is “cherub” or “Putti”.
*This piece has weight to it. It is very solid.
From his seated area and up he is 14”
Whole length is 17”
He/ she is about 8” wide

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Lighting:French chandelier antique rusty acanthus leaves flowers tole shabby chic rhinestone crystal adorned lighting fixture anita spero

This is absolutely awesome. I really did my history and searched this piece out. It is very rare indeed. This is an ooak fixture with no doubt. The tole acanthus leaves and flowers are a good size and very strong.. It has a wonderful presence and would make any room feel warm.. In the rust I can tell at one time it may have been painted a green and white. The rust has beautiful colors to it from light whitish distressing to dark bronze. It is either Italian or French (the style lends to both). It reminds me of a Santos crown.
To give it a romantic finish I added just one strip of rhinestones around the bottom and found real crystals to give this piece just enough dangling sparkle. The simplicity is perfect.
There happens to be a few more of these out there , just as rusty. They may all have been taken from the same place. It would be great to find several and hang them in a random grouping.
Beautify shabby with an appearance of a French Nordic design.

It is 19” tall with the crystals, 16” tall with out.
The chain is 17” long.
The width is 15”
I have rewired it all…All new everything. It has the original ceiling cap.It is ready to be hard wired.

FRAME:Large vintage frame ornate hand painted putty gray French farmhouse detailed antique silvery gold aged wall decor Anita Spero

I mixed a few paints together and produced this lovely gray putty color. After painting it, I distressed it in with antique silvery gold, and a heavy tobacco finish. Very Frenchy farm house or shabby cottage. Beautiful muted tones. Will fit into any home decor. When I paint my frames I do it with the idea that it is an art piece in itself. This would be great empty on a wall.

Outside measures: 21.5” by 36.5”
inside measure: 29” by 14”

Why doesn’t this come with the backing and glass?
Many times the backing for these are old and damaged. In the long run it’s cheaper for the customer to purchase those items. Your not paying the added shipping for glass and there is no potential for the glass breaking (which adds a whole new headache for shop owner and customer) Plus the vintage glass in these is really heavy. The new products out there…thin glass and plexy are so much better.
It just saves money in the long run. And I not nervous about the glass breaking…lol

(C) This color combination

Painted angels on large framed board metal wings soft gray silhouettes of three angels white halos surround them by Anita Spero

My depiction of three guardian angels.
This was completed on framed good wood board. I used a series of custom mixed colors. I added the metal wings to bring interest and a dimensional effect. I painted the wings in gray and washed them over in white.
The angel silhouettes are surrounded by light.
This piece is 40” by 32”


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