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Aug 19, 2014
Large porcelain rabbit vintage signed piece whimsical shabby chic silk/satin clothing storybook style design not a toy anita spero

This is just so unique. It is not a piece I did. The designer is Wendy Brent. She made a series of limited edition animals designed this way. It comes with a stand that has a music box on it. The music is very pretty but I am not sure what the song is…lol

This rabbit has the red eyes, very long ears and smooth face. The face, hands and feet are porcelain. The body is firm but make of soft materials.He is holding a trumpet.
The clothing is detailed and I think It is made of silk, satin and lace. The fabric has darkened which I think makes it look better and much more grown up.

Such a fun shabby piece. This is not a toy. I think this piece would be great in a child’s room or a great shabby whimsical space. Great next to pieces like carousals, Ferris wheels etc;piece. Measures: 24”tall!! including box.
I have several other animals to list.
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New pieces in my Etsy shop

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Aug 16, 2014 / 2 notes

Metal angel wings!!!

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Aug 15, 2014

Something special being added to my Etsy shop soon.

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New pieces in my Etsy shop

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Huge hot air balloon birdcage rusted hand painted cream detailed with antique gilded rose fragments metal rusty roses vines anita spero

I got lucky again!

I replaces the chain with a better chain and reinforced the basket.
This is a large gal!
Measures: 36” ( whole piece), the balloon is 16” by 16” across and 22” tall!!! The chain is 46 ” and the basket is 6” by 6” by 5”

I first changed the chain holding the basket on with much better chain.
I painted this in a custom creamy ivory , rusted all the wire and distressed it heavily.
I embellished this with metal roses and vines. I rusted them and added cream paint with gold accents. To the bottom of the balloon I added 3 toleware gilder rose fragments that look beautiful.
The chain it hangs from has been rusted

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Cheerleader Misha - did I stumble into an AU last Sunday?

I love him!!!
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Cheerleader Misha - did I stumble into an AU last Sunday?

I love him!!!

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These items are currently being listed.

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My Etsy clothing line is growing

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Aug 6, 2014

This is a one of a kind piece made from recycled items.The cross and wings are wood. The Jesus is some type of composite or plaster mix.
This is a large cross from a church. It’s pretty old and was beat up. The original colors were black and flesh tones. I custom painted it with the first paint color I ever made long ago. I call it fae ivory.
I distressed the cross and Jesus and I added the metal roses with leaves.
As a final beautiful edition I added the wooden Santos wings, I painted them in white and gold. I distressed the cross also.
This is beautiful and large. You can hang it from the wings (they each have a hook) or just hang this piece from the hook on top of the cross.

Measurements: 29” by 14.5” and 5.5 inches deep.

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