My Eclectic styles, designs and more

Much of what you will find here are photos from my online shops. Items I make. Many pieces are salvaged and recycled. Nothing is better then making junk into something beautiful. Now instead of a landfill the decor/art pieces make it to homes where people can cherish them. There is no compliment more perfect. and See for yourself. I am proud of what I do. I specialize in Shabby chic, all types of cottage, French inspired pieces. Including French-Santos and Nordic. Then there are all the styles in between that I work with, to many to name. Please enjoy my space.

More beautiful crowns by Anita Spero

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Wrought iron French carousal large rotating rusty hand painted table decor merry go round planter or centerpiece anita spero

This is a beautiful and hard to find piece.
I washed it so the rust stood out and then soaked it in a several treatments to ad more rust and some oxidizing. I painted in just a hint of blue here and there and then painted it white to finish it out. All of the roses and leaves were added by me.
This is just an awesome piece for so many things. Keep it out on your table as a condiment tray or as a beautiful centerpiece. You can added potted plants or even candles. This could be a vry pretty element in your garden. Add this to a wedding sweets table or use it on the main table.
So unique. Be creative…

21”across and 21” tall

Handmade Angel wings art, large metal wall design, French Santos inspired art piece tattered muslin lace flying cherubs anita spero

I wanted to keep the head and wings dominate. I had the idea of a French inspired wall piece in my head. I had to be beautiful ornate and I really wanted to incorporate the tiny flying cherubs.
It came together beautifully. I feel that this is an art piece AND home decor mixed. Something I really try to achieve with many of my pieces.

Measures 16” wide, 40” long and about 4” deep

Ferris wheels are happy!

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Large chandelier hand painted aqua sea foam ornate large metal cottage roses vintage crystals home decor ceiling fixture anita spero

Large heavy beautiful chandelier. I have painted this and distressed it in a custom color I call “aqua sea foam sea glass beach blue”…lol. It looks a bit different depending on the light.
I added 10 large cabbage roses made of metal and gave it all new..old vintage crystals.
This beautiful piece has 51 crystals and will stand out in a room.
I love the unique style of the light socket area. The tube actually fits into it, instead of just resting on it. It is a very ornate piece.
*All the lights work. I just unscrewed a few so it wasn’t so bright that it would be hard to view the photos. It is hard wired and ready to connect to the ceiling. It has a double ornate ceiling cap.

measures: Chandelier 16” tall, with chain 32” tall and 22 across.