My Eclectic styles, designs and more

Much of what you will find here are photos from my online shops. Items I make. Many pieces are salvaged and recycled. Nothing is better then making junk into something beautiful. Now instead of a landfill the decor/art pieces make it to homes where people can cherish them. There is no compliment more perfect. and See for yourself. I am proud of what I do. I specialize in Shabby chic, all types of cottage, French inspired pieces. Including French-Santos and Nordic. Then there are all the styles in between that I work with, to many to name. Please enjoy my space.

This beautiful tablecloth/ runner is a handmade one of a kind piece. I can not duplicate it.
It took weeks to find just the right pieces. Including parts of a vintage prom dress. The white fabric I believe IS linen or something very similar. It has a crisp look to it. The centerpiece is from a vintage feed sack. It is surrounded with tea stained lace, tiny beige rose trim and six handmade white fabric flowers. The ruffled ends are made from all kinds of salvaged laces, muslin, burlap and more. Each side wears three bundles. At the top of each bundle is a burlap bow. It is edged out in tiny beige rose trim. This is all hand cut. Much of it is raw edge so it will fray more with time (only to a certain point…I did ad “stop fray” at a certain point). Many parts are hand sewn and all of it has been glued with very good upholstery glue. This is so there will be no pulling where the ruffled edges are…which can get heavy. It allows me to ad more and bulk it up.

Measurements are:
whole length 106”
linen part that sits on table 55” to 57”
width is 40”