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My Etsy clothing line is growing

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Aug 6, 2014

This is a one of a kind piece made from recycled items.The cross and wings are wood. The Jesus is some type of composite or plaster mix.
This is a large cross from a church. It’s pretty old and was beat up. The original colors were black and flesh tones. I custom painted it with the first paint color I ever made long ago. I call it fae ivory.
I distressed the cross and Jesus and I added the metal roses with leaves.
As a final beautiful edition I added the wooden Santos wings, I painted them in white and gold. I distressed the cross also.
This is beautiful and large. You can hang it from the wings (they each have a hook) or just hang this piece from the hook on top of the cross.

Measurements: 29” by 14.5” and 5.5 inches deep.

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Aug 5, 2014

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New items on my Etsy.

Flying cherubs
Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014
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Large rusty basket lighting embellished with crochet doilies shabby cottage huge swag recycled metal ceiling fixture decor by anita spero

This is made from a very large basket. I covered it with beautiful carefully picked doilies. The doilies are in layers and some with buttons and string to finish them off. This piece is both great hanging from a ceiling or added to large table as a lamp. You can also ad a top to this and use it as a table…Wow, cool!
It is currently a swag style, but I can convert it. Contact me for the information

32” tall, barrel is 16” across

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Pink Ferris wheel large metal rusty distressed shabby cottage candle holder crowns adorned in rhinestones home decor anita spero

This was a very plain Ferris wheel from the 1080’s. I took off the original cups which were clunky and to big. I replaced them with 3 cups and 3 good sized crown and gave this carnival ride a new look. I painted it in a custom pink and rusted the piece. I also distressed it heavily for more texture. Each piece is adorned in a row of rhinestones. Over each cup I added a very cute fat clear pink bird. This would be beautiful with LED candles in it. Or put small plants in the cups. You can also leave it plain if you wish.

Measurements are: 26” tall 16” wide and 7”inches deep (thick)

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Aug 1, 2014

Handmade French Santos doll cage inspired ornate crown tall art home decor recycled and new mix very full fabric piece by anita spero

I made this using a beautiful doll head that is signed by a well known doll artist. The body is from an old rusty hanging cone that was modified. There are layers and layers of torn and cut muslin and lace that makes up the body. The neck dress is made from old brass metal flowers from an old chandelier. I added the metal bow after painting and rusting it. The crown I made fits her perfectly.
The wings are pre made Santos wings. I really felt these fit the piece well.
She is wearing a vintage wooden rosary from Jerusalem.
She stands 34.5 feet tall. She is about 10” deep and 11” wide.

I think her face is beautiful. I wanted to make a Santos piece that was unique, a little bit traditional and fit my design style.

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Jul 30, 2014

Distressed cherub statue ornate handmade crown French Santos inspired angel figure hand painted weathered home decor by anita spero

This cherub was beautifully painted and distressed in custom homemade paints and treatments. There are touches of gold in his hair and wings. It appears to have a lot of texture. The eyes were painted in gray and blue. I did not want the eyes to look to defined.
The crown was made by me. I do make all my crowns from salvaged and carefully picked pieces.
This one is a blend of rusty metal and beautiful rhinestone piece.
All my cherubs are given jewelry in some form of a heart, rusted keys, and a cross around the neck. This is my signature.

Awesome photo prop for wedding and upscale posters, prints and photography.
*These are package with extra care.
Indoor use only.
15” tall

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