My Eclectic styles, designs and more

Much of what you will find here are photos from my online shops. Items I make. Many pieces are salvaged and recycled. Nothing is better then making junk into something beautiful. Now instead of a landfill the decor/art pieces make it to homes where people can cherish them. There is no compliment more perfect. and See for yourself. I am proud of what I do. I specialize in Shabby chic, all types of cottage, French inspired pieces. Including French-Santos and Nordic. Then there are all the styles in between that I work with, to many to name. Please enjoy my space.

Guess which Saint this is?

This piece will be listed very soon on my Etsy.

This is a VERY old piece. Hand carved from one piece of wood…

He is hallow in the back…guess why? Story soon.

#hugewings #angelwings #wings

Huge metal angel wings shabby chic home decor hand cut rusted painted white French Nordic inspired piece anita spero

I was so lucky to find these. These are ooak. They were cut by another artist. I bathed them for several days in two treatments to oxidize and rust them. I went over them with a custom off white paint. As time goes on they will rust a bit more..but it will stop. On top I added a row of metal rose garland…not to much, but just enough. 
These are amazing and HUGE! Perfect for a dress form or wall. 
If you have the ability you could drill holes in each corner and hang these from a ceiling. 
If you put them on the wall you can ad something you love to the center…a plaque or any wall ornament.
Once these are gone there is no more. I can not duplicate these. 
The size:
These measure 42.5 “long and 43” wide.
*Dress form not included. That is a separate listing 
Sending it with wire, ribbon assortment

Beautiful new items in my Etsy shop. #shabbychic #primitive #anitasperodesign #cherub #crowns 

Rocking horse large wooden shabby chic hand painted white gray distressed rusty rocker wood French Nordic inspired sculpture Anita Spero

I painted this in several soft whites and grays. I treated the horse so it would distress and weather well. She is wearing a beautiful French crown which is rusty and adorned with rhinestones.She has a metal tail but I added tattered ribbon and muslin to give her more character. The rocker is rusted metal and distressed. She has been carved from solid wood.

Just beautiful on a mantle or by a fireplace or even front and center on a large farm table. Would add so much charm to a nursery or child’s room.

7” by 29” by 27” tall