My Eclectic styles, designs and more

Much of what you will find here are photos from my online shops. Items I make. Many pieces are salvaged and recycled. Nothing is better then making junk into something beautiful. Now instead of a landfill the decor/art pieces make it to homes where people can cherish them. There is no compliment more perfect. and See for yourself. I am proud of what I do. I specialize in Shabby chic, all types of cottage, French inspired pieces. Including French-Santos and Nordic. Then there are all the styles in between that I work with, to many to name. Please enjoy my space.

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Tablecloth runner burlap and pink salvaged fabric tattered muslin shabby chic cottage ruffles lace linen home decor by anita spero

Measures: All 103” just the burlap 65” to 66” and the width is 33’ wide.

This was made using burlap, tattered fabrics, ribbon, crochet and lace.
The fabric with the roses is the only piece I have like that.
What I love about my “petticoat runners” is that they don’t have to fit perfectly. They can be on the shorter on longer side.

Wooden shutters 4 panel display white putty gray beige distressed shabby weddings message board backdrop anita spero

These are perfect for so many things
desk top message board
photo display…clip photos for weddings, college dorm, home decor
backdrop for…photo prop or for a home display or vignette 

I painted the shutters in a neutral color pallet…classic to shabby. I made this custom color’s a mix between gray/ beige with white underneath. I distressed them with a great home treatment.

Measures: 29” tall and 52” wide. All 4 panels.
These can not be split up.