Aug 19, 2012

Recycled world. Salvaged , abandoned…what ever you want to call it.

I try as an artist, decorator and decor designer to re-use as much as I can. There was a time when I made beautiful lampshades using only the best store bought fabrics. I made every shade special. I loved the fact that each item I made was ooak…They would sell so fast. About 10 years ago I started using my left overs for the shades.They were coming out even better. In the meantime my habit-addiction was buying all the vintage and antique lace , fluffy fabric, furry fabric , stained items nobody wanted. I just loved how stained pieces looked.

I have always felt that everything in a room can be a decor piece, but art as well. Why couldn’t they ALSO be made from abandoned , stained old linens? So I made a shade with this thought in mind. It was made from an old thin lace table cloth, bedding sheets that I cut into fringe (which took hours) and trim that was discolored from time. It sold the day I put it in the shop I was renting at.

Now, all my shades are made from salvaged finds mixed with muslin and or burlap. Rarely two are the same. And you can give them any look.

I keep finding new ways everyday to use these materials. Lighting is what makes a room. I love the simple ones as much as the the over-the-top lamp covers. “What will I think of next? That question excites me. I have some really big ideas I’ve come up with. Soon I hope to have them on Etsy. In fact I’m grabbing my coffee and I’m off to make a shade now. I don’t know what it will look like yet…I never plan them. Let’s see what happens.